Alex Roberts

Writer and Game Designer

I make games. I play them. I think about them. I write about them.

In addition to publishing my own tabletop role-playing games, I've written setting material and developed interactive systems both independently and in some pretty awesome teams, like Bully Pulpit Games, Pelgrane Press, Thorny Games, and more!

I've also published long form journalism, criticism, and other writing for clients that include Vice, ZEAL, Waypoint, Storycade, and Leaving Mundania.

I love to share my passions. Through my presentations and workshops, I can help you and your team make playful connections, open up creative possibilities, and probably burst out laughing.

I love helping people become more in tune with their playful selves.

Precious Little Animal

Connect to joy in this one-player journaling game about noticing the good things in your life, and sharing them with an imaginary animal friend. All proceeds from sales of Precious Little Animal are now going to Community Food Support Victoria, a mutual aid network on Lekwungen and W̱SÁNEĆ territories.

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Star Crossed

The two-player roleplaying game of forbidden love that earned over $60k on Kickstarter is now available to the public! Find out how complicated relationships can fuel the fun at your table.

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For the Queen

Unsure if you've got the chops to tell an amazing story? Get nervous improvising dialogue? I built this game with YOU in mind! Tell a captivating story one card at a time. No prep, no pressure.

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This dreamy, silent game about an online community of balloon lovers will take you back to your earliest memories of the Internet. Share messages, open up, and float in anonymity.

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Hero Dog Saves Town

You and your friends are pitching an episode of a formulaic TV drama about a heroic dog. The director and star of the show, who is a dog, is in the writer's room and he is about to fire one of you.

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