Precious Little Animal

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Play for 15-30 minutes, at the end of each day, for seven days.

In Precious Little Animal, you’ll take a few minutes at the end of the day to reflect on what happened that day: what you did, what you’ll remember, and what you enjoyed. At the same time, you’ll be writing a story about a cute little animal. You’ll take a few things that happened to you each day, and have them happen to your animal, too.

Praise for the Game:

"I had a lovely video call with 3 friends, and she had an owl, a hedgehog and a snake over for tea. I had a quiet night, and the mouse stargazed and wished on a shooting star. Precious Little animal helped me see goodness in my own life that I otherwise may have skipped over or forgotten." - Jenn Martin, game designer, and Production Manager for Bully Pulpit Games

"Playing this game was a gentle, consistent reminder to be sincere with myself." -  Sandbank Diner, playtester

"I felt really happy after playing." - baimo, playtester